Mike Bass Podcast Episode #2 - Matthew Shannon & Jonathan Watt

February 27, 2018

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In this Episode:

These face-meltingly talented artists, Matthew Shannon and Jonathan Watt, hang out with me and play a few tunes. We also chat about the songwriting process, Matthew's strategy for creating unique melodies and chord progressions using a deck of cards, and a bunch of other stuff!

Jonathan Watt Performances: 38min 22sec - 55min 14sec

Matthew Shannon Performances: 02hr 14min 16sec - 02hr 29min 55sec



Mike Bass Podcast #10 - Tania Howard (now Tania Watt!) & Jonathan Watt

April 4, 2018

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In this Episode:

Tania Watt is an awesome singer-songwriter. She heads up the open mic and the regular booking at Blue Owl Coffee in REO Town, Lansing. She also has a photography and promotion business for creatives

Jonathan Watt is also an awesome singer-songwriter. He's an engineer by trade, and has used his skillset for everything from recording studios in Nashville to repairing x-ray machines in hospitals.

Both of them are an integral part of the growing music/arts/creative scene in Lansing, and I always enjoy chatting with them!